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BioWare teases Dragon Age III story details

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on 30 August 2011

Dragon Age III’s story will centre around “saving the world from itself,” series creator BioWare has revealed.

News comes following a Dragon Age panel at PAX over the weekend, where the company confirmed that the yet-to-be-announced RPG sequel will feature the Templars and the Mages battling it out against each other for control.

Furthermore, the main character – who has yet to be named – will travel across the land in an effort to raise allies and restore peace.

Apparently, the panel line-up also hinted Dragon Age II hero Hawke may show his face again and even meet the Grey Wardens from the original game, though it was also heavily indicated we may see a new protagonist altogether.

No word yet on when Dragon Age III will get a formal reveal, though with BioWare now actively talking up the sequel, it shouldn’t be too long until we hear something.

Stay tuned.

via VG247