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Rumor: Sony to 'soft launch' Home?

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With Home rumored to be right around the corner (possibly, October), Peter Edward, Director of the PlayStation Home Platform Group, had some interesting comments during an interview posted by today.

When asked about the release date of Home, Edwards' stated, "We're still in closed beta at the moment, and we're looking to escalate the numbers in a controlled fashion. I don't think there's any benefit from just opening the floodgates on day one and letting everybody in. We want to scale up the numbers so we can get feedback from the users and find out how they're using the service. And as the service grows and as we start bringing more people in, we'll get more of an idea as to how they're using it and build it up with them, rather than just going out there with a product that ticks all the right boxes." A pretty interesting take on what gamers and the industry felt as an open release in the coming months.

This could mean anything from a controlled influx of PlayStation 3 owners via the PlayStation Store to the release in North America followed closely by Japan, Europe, or visa versa. At this time, everything is speculation as more and more games get pushed to 2008.

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Source: ThreeSpeech