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Microsoft has a "massive lead" in hardware sales, admits Sony

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on 8 September 2011

Robert Dyer, Sony's senior vice president of publisher relations, has admitted that Microsoft has a "massive lead" in terms of hardware sales, but says that software shines in sales and performance on the PlayStation 3.

“If you look at the index ratio and see that where they might have this massive lead on the hardware side, the people that are buying software, when the software growth is happening, it’s happening on the PS3,” told Dyer when speaking with IndustryGamers.

Dyer listed a few examples where multiplatform releases have sold more on the PS3 than the Xbox 360, and gave reasoning that boiled down to one thing: content.

"If you have a choice between buying a PS3 version and an Xbox version of Mortal Kombat, which one are you buying? You’re buying the PS3 version because you can play as Kratos. Although Microsoft has a 1.6 to 1 index ratio against us [on hardware], we outsold them on Mortal Kombat nearly at a 1 to 1. So that is due in large part to the exclusive content that you’re getting on disc. You’ll see that happening on almost every case where we’ve had a game that they’ve supported with on disc content or with exclusive DLC."

Other examples Dyer listed include:

* Portal 2, for its cross-platform co-op between the PS3 and PC
* Medal of Honor, which included a free copy of Frontline HD.
* LA Noire, for its exclusive DLC "The Consuls Car"
* NBA 2K11, included Move/3D support and was partnered with Coca-Cola during Move launch.
* Dante's Inferno had the exclusive Divine Edition, with an exclusive demo on PSN.

Dyer stated that he feels that shooters are Microsoft's stomping ground, and how pleased is with the performance of Medal of Honor in spite of that.

“Here Microsoft owns the shooter category – everyone talks about how that’s their genre,” he said. “Medal of Honor, because we gave away a free copy of Frontline on the disc, wildly over indexed on ours. Microsoft absolutely felt that.”

Sony's Publisher Relations VP isn't concerned about Microsoft's Call of Duty timed exclusives either.

“They’re not running any higher than what the index ratio is – they’re right at 1.6. In spite of all the millions that Microsoft has spent on that relationship with Activision, people aren’t voting to buy a 360 version of that over and above a PS3 version, given the installed base,” he said.

“As much as people might associate Call of Duty and the shooting genre with 360, we don’t see that as a cause for alarm right now. What we’re hoping for, given the announcement we made at E3 with Battlefield (full Battlefield 1943 game included on disc), we believe that we are going to have a major player here with EA on our platform – and well over indexed given what we’re doing with them in order to promote that title.”