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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 details revealed

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on 12 September 2011

Square-Enix has revealed a load of new information for their upcoming RPG sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2, ahead of the game's showcase at the Tokyo Game Show later this week.

One of the most important pieces of info that Square has hinted is that a release date for western audiences will be announced at the show, whereas before only an “early 2012 release" had been confirmed.

If you have played the game's predecessor, Final Fantasy XIII, and still have your existing save data, you'll receive some nice little bonuses in XIII-2. However, no details regarding the bonuses have been announced as of yet.

One of the more game-changing facts is that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will feature time travel, which according to the game's director, Motomu Toriyama, is not intended to be in future releases in the franchise. Players will travel back in time, and much like the butterfly effect, the game's story is altered based on the player’s actions.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will also feature a series unique Red Chocobo, which like the other Chocobos in the game can only be mounted and travelled on in the Gran Pulse world.

According to Yoshinori Kitase, the game is "90 percent complete" and has been in development for one and half years.