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NoA Boss: Price and quality holding PS3 back

30 May 2007

Nintendo has so far been smug about its current lead on the console market and its latest representative to brag about the wider consumer-base is Nintendo of America boss, George Harrison.

During an interview with gaming site, Wired, Harrison called both Sony's Sixaxis controller and Microsoft's Viva Pinata unsuccessful tries at getting a piece of Nintendo's market, saying that “Sony rushed out their Sixaxis controller as an effort to respond to the Wii remote”, a statement Sony has long denied, prefering to maintain that the controller was a well-guarded secret which was only revealed at E3 2006.

At the moment, the NoA boss smugly predicts that Nintendo will be ending this war with 50% of the market and 35 million Wii console sales in the next 4 years He credits this to consumers being satisfied with current generation technology, even if the PlayStation 3 offers better graphics.

“There's a price point and there's the quality that's holding the PlayStation 3 back. They're selling so many PlayStation 2s because people are saying, 'You know what? The graphics are pretty good, the price is good, and the library is good.' So we have a great expectation that this lifecycle's actually going to last more than five years,” he told the site.


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