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FFVII: Crisis Core website updated

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Square Enix has updated the official Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core website today, this time adding all new videos and profiles.


New Media includes:

- Two trailers showing D.M.W. (Digital Mind Wave)
- New character videos for Zack, Cissnei, and Tseng
- Profiles added for Hollander, Yuffie, and Tifa
- New trailers for Aerith and Cloud

Developed by Square Enix, Crisis Core brings back fan favourites such as Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, Tifa, Reno, Cait Sith, Yuffie, and Jenova.

The main storyline follows Zack, a First Class SOLDIER who must find the truth behind Genesis' disappearance. Angeal and Sephiroth team up with Zack and are dispatched to Wutai where cruel fate awaits.

The team is being lead by Tetsuya Nomura, original creator of Final Fantasy VII and the lead designer behind the upcoming RPG's Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII.


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is available on the Sony PlayStation Portable and is due out September 13th 2007 in Japan and sometime in December for North America.

An exact release date for US and European territories has yet to be revealed, however, so stay tuned to for further updates.