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Dedicated fan makes ultimate The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion virtual book

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on 23 September 2011

Reddit user notadoctoreither may be the biggest Oblivion fan, ever. Either that or he just loves all the text from the game. Or, maybe he just has a lot of time on his hands. Either way he printed out every piece of text from the game’s many books and gracefully placed them all in one giant book.

It cost him about $130 total and took about a month to complete. The book is constructed with high-quality paper and a leather binding. If you are a devoted Oblivion fan, you can make your own uber-collection. You can download all the formatted text here, which likely took a lot of time to complete. He also provided a tutorial here.

As the staff, and just about every member, of PSU are super Oblivion fans, we wish we had this book. This is pretty much awesome.