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Users report PSN sign-in errors

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on 5 October 2011

Sony has confirmed it is currently looking into a number of PlayStation Network sign-in issues reported by users this morning.

Gamers have been running into the error code 80710092 while attempting to log in to Sony’s flagship online service.

In response to user feedback, RabidWalker, community team moderator for PlayStation Europe, said: "A number of users have reported they are currently having an issue signing into the PSN, and are receiving the error code 80710092.

"We are currently looking in to this at the moment and I will update here when I have more information."

It currently remains unknown how widespread the issue is, though one report claimed that other gamers in the same room using different consoles were not receiving the same issue. It wasn’t specified, however, if they were using a PlayStation 3 or another system.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation.