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FFVII Crisis Core PSP-2000 bundle sells out in Japan

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Sony's PSP-2000 has already sold out in Japan a week before its official release, thanks to the addition of a new bundle to coincide with the release of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core.

Square Enix recently announced a deal with Sony to release a limited edition Final Fantasy Crisis Core PSP-2000. By limited, we mean it, as only 77,777 units are being produced. However, the bundle is available a full week before the official nation wide release of the new PSP design.

The Crisis Core bundles come with a slick looking white PSP slim with Tetsuya Nomura artwork adorning it and a Buster Sword strap. The retail version of the game is, of course, included, and a Crisis Core themed earphone set has also been tossed in for good measure to those who pre-ordered their system.

Within hours, most stores had completely sold out of this bundle, which is somewhat surprising, as the 77,777 units almost triples the weekly sales numbers that the PSP normally holds. This is no doubt due to Final Fantasy's immense popularity for being one of the premiere RPG's series around. It will be interesting to see how these numbers will affect weekly and monthly sales for Sony.

Be sure to check back for more details on the new PSP-2000's and Final Fantasy Crisis Core here at PSU.