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Report says half of U.K. population play videogames

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on 10 October 2011

A recent report from Internet Advertising Bureau has found that roughly half of the U.K.’s 62 million-strong population actively play videogames.

According to the survey, 32.9 million individuals have admitted to playing games online either on iPad, Android, PlayStation or Xbox.

In addition, the report, published under the title “Gaming Britain,” found that 82 percent of people aged between 8 and 65 play games, the majority of which fell in the 25-45 category.

The survey also revealed that 49 percent of those polled indicated they enjoyed puzzle and quiz games, with 23 percent preferring first-person shooters. Furthermore, 51 percent of online users are male, while 49 percent are female.

Jack Wallington, Head of Industry Programmes for the IAB, commented, This new research is fascinating because it blasts many people’s preconceptions about the game-playing audience out of the water.”

“It categorically proves that while very few would consider themselves an avid gamer, in fact almost 33m people do play video games and do so frequently – including eight in ten adults aged 16 to 65 years old. This makes playing games far too mainstream an activity to be classified as a niche.

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