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Stranglehold's destructible cover system revealed

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on 30 May 2007

In the Stranglehold developer blog over at IGN, the Senior Game Designer, Patrick Curry, went in-depth about the cover system within the game.

He described that unlike the recent cover-focused games Gears of War and Rainbow 6: Vegas, the cover system in Strangehold will be dynamic in that it can be destroyed. That means no more cowering behind cover for thirty seconds at a time simply waiting for the barrage of enemy bullets to end.

Curry describes a situation in which Tequilla has taken cover behind a concrete column. "Each enemy bullet is chipping away another piece of it. As your cover shrinks Tequila will automatically crouch down to use whatever cover’s left, but in Stranglehold no cover lasts forever."

He also describes how you can flip this tactic around on enemies. "If an enemy is on the other side of some cover, then you can destroy it! In other games shooting like crazy at a concrete column is just going to waste ammo. But in Stranglehold it’s going to smash down the column to bits. And once you’ve worn away enough of the cover, it’s a perfect time to use Precision Aim and peg an enemy."

So while Stranglehold may be all about diving, spinning, and sliding your way to victory, this new in-depth look at its dynamic cover system has got us even more exciting. Keep your eye out for Stranglehold this summer.