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FFXIII-2 getting two Collector's Edition bundles for Europe

on 19 October 2011

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will receive two Collector’s Edition bundles for its European launch in February 2012.

First up is the Limited Collector’s Edition, which in addition to some swanky packaging includes the following goodies:

-A selected soundtrack CD, featuring music tracks taken from the game as chosen specifically by the composers

-The Art of Final Fantasy XIII-2, an artbook featuring various illustrations taken over the course of the game’s development

-Six collectible postcards, including high-quality CG artwork of the main characters

-HD Lenticular Artprint, featuring an iconic image of heroine Lightning

Lastly, the Crystal Edition features all of the above content in addition to the following extra items:

-A 4-disc Final Fantasy XIII-2 original soundtrack complete with premium digipak packaging

-Exclusive Square Enix Productions Final Fantasy XIII-2 T-Shirt – this item will not be available anywhere else.

In addition, those of you pre-order the Crystal Edition will receive a special bonus pack featuring a steelbook cover and the Fight in Style pack, the contents of which you can see below:

-Recruitable monster battle: Defeat Final Fantasy’s legendary Omega boss monster and have it join your party for future use.

-Alternate Serah costume

-Alternate Noel costume

-Final Fantasy XIII-2: Episode I - his novella explores the events taking place between FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. Witness the untold story!

-Three lithograph artcards, which depict key images from the game

No price has been confirmed for either Special Edition release as of yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated. FFXIII-2 is due out in Europe on February 3, 2012. A North American release arrives on January 31, 2012.