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EA confirms Dead Space: A surivial-horror game

It has emerged that EA are soon set to enter the survival horror genre for the first time with their latest game entitled 'Dead Space'.

The October issue of Game Informer features Dead Space as the cover game with the following text; "In the far reaches of space, humanity brings to light a forgotten alien scourge. Can one man cut through the darkness?". Game Informer goes as far as to say that "Fans of the cult-classic film Event Horizon and straight-up horror aficionados aren't going to want to miss this one”.

This seems like a very interesting title that might even give Silent Hill 5 and Resident Evil 5 a bit of competition. There is no official word in regards to what platforms Dead Space will appear on, but given EA’s track record, Dead Space will likely be a multi-platform title meaning a PS3 appearance is a pretty safe bet in our opinion.

As usual the PlayStation Universe team will be equipping makeshift weapons, battling evil monsters and braving the dark depths for any additional information on this game we can get, so keep your browsers pointed to PSU for the latest information on Dead Space.