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Another Rogue Squadron? Lair devs say yes

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Factor 5, veteran game developers of Lair, have said that another Rogue Squadron game could be on the cards.

During a chat with Julian Eggbrecht, the big wig at Factor 5, GamesRadar asked about the possibility of a new Rogue Squadron game. Mr Eggbrecht said “I would go back to another Rogue Squadron in the Classic Star Wars universe. I still can't relate much to the new trilogy, so LucasArts can keep that. But, yeah, if it would be Classic and if we could find a new hook...”.

He also said that he wouldn't include motion sensing if they were to do another one, citing “because that is how you'd be controlling the craft - it might be more appropriate”. Fair enough, not everyone agreed with the Lair controls (although we thought it was good), and the previous Rogue Squadrons have been superb with 'conventional' controls, so no arguments there.

Don't expect it any time soon though, as Factor 5 are apparently concentrating on “ton of other cool things”.

Stay tuned.