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Angel Love Online: the (almost) free MMO for PS3

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Q Entertainment has silently been working on an exclusive PlayStation 3 title, and has finally announced what it is.

Determined to show just how serious they can be, this will be a big title from the people responsible for Lumines and Meteos. They are working on Angel Love Online, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).

Originally released about a year ago, ALO takes place in the land of angels, Eden. The player gets to create their own character, and from there you begin the game as the protector of angels. This stylized game takes places in a fantasy world consisting of four kingdoms. Customization is also fairly deep, with craftable armor, paper dolls, riding mounts, pets, and a free-chosen skill system.

The PC version of this title is free to download and play, with various items available to purchase using microtransactions. There has been no announcement yet as to how this game will be distributed, but we expect a similar system via PlayStation Network, also with microtransactions. Cross platform play hasn't been touched on yet, but it's a possibility. We should find out more soon, as the game is set for release this December in Japan.