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Famitsu hints at Final Fantasy VII remake

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The hype train has now reached full speed with the latest issue of Famitsu, a popular Japanese gaming magazine, hinting at a possible Final Fantasy VII remake.

From the translation, Famitsu states, "A third party game that will save the PlayStation 3 in Japan is to be announced tomorrow."

With all the recent rumors hitting the net lately, we can only assume they are talking about Square Enix and Final Fantasy VII (Whether or not the speculated Endless Crisis: Final Fantasy VII reported yesterday is a separate project or not is unknown, though it may simply just be the full title for a proposed remake)

Also, according to rumor, the Square Enix-developed project is being fully funded by Sony Computer Entertainment.

So keep your eyes and your ears peeled at the Tokyo Game Show is about to begin. Stay tuned to PSU for all your Tokyo Game Show updates.

Source: Famitsu Magazine