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Metal Gear Solid 4 details arrive from TGS

A whole heap of news regarding Metal Gear Solid 4 has come out of the Konami press conference at the Tokyo Games Show.

A new trailer was shown at the press conference, although recording devices were not allowed during the event. Fear not, as the trailer will be released over the Intertubes at 10 am Japanese time tomorrow. In real time, that’s 2am in the UK, today at 6pm on the West coast USA, and also today at 9 pm on East coast USA.

For those who cannot wait half a day, PS3 Fanboy has a transcript of the trailer here. The ‘safety's on’ reference should amuse those who have ever seen MGS parody, Metal Gear Awesome.

Also, MGS4 will apparently include an online ‘Starter pack’ mode, where gamers will get to play what is supposedly a stripped down version of Metal Gear Online. A clever marketing ploy to get players hooked on the idea so they buy it? It’s certainly a good idea if it is. But if so, it does confirm that MGO will be a separate purchase.

Lastly, MGS4 will be shown in playable form for the first time on the show floor. Currently slated for a Q1 2008 release, a playable version is a good sign that the game will have little, if any, further delays before its release.

We’ll give you more details on the demo, and all the games at TGS, when we get them.

Stay tuned.

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