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FFVII 10th Anniversary Potions

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With Square-Enix making huge news almost every day now with the Tokyo Game Show finally here, fans will be no doubt be low on hp/mana after all of that anticipation.

Well, have no fear! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, a re-release of a fan favorite potion drink is out, and this time, it's sporting a sweet containter. But hurry, cause like the Crisis Core PSP, this drink will be limited to 77,777 units being made. This, in turn with a price tag of $75, will surely limit this down to people who are die-hard collectors, or just really really thirsty.

The price might seem unusually high, but keep in mind that it is very limited, and you will also be getting a 208 page "Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania" book. This may be the selling point for many, as the drink itself is only 100ml. The vial that it comes in is very impressive however, with brushed aluminum caps.


Square has opened up an official website to promote this drink. Be sure to check back for more information on the series as well as any updates on the possible Final Fantasy VII remake.