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Sony asked Naughty Dog to consider PS Move for Uncharted 3

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on 10 November 2011

Naughty Dog has revealed that Sony approached the studio during the early stages of Uncharted 3’s development in regards to including PlayStation Move support in the adventure sequel.

Speaking to Just Push Start, Naughty Dog’s Keith Guerette said the team wouldn’t have been able to utilize Sony’s wand-tastic peripheral unless it altered the overall Uncharted experience. As such, the idea of incorporating PS Move support was rejected. 

"Sony actually did approach us in the early stages of development and asked us to consider using the Playstation Move,” he commented.

“What we determined is that there really was no good way to properly take advantage of the Move without changing the game play, language, and presentation of Uncharted as we know it.”

Elsewhere, Guerette added he has “gained a lot of trust and respect” for Sony Bend, the developers behind the PlayStation Vita title Uncharted: Golden Abyss. 

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