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Rumble confirmed in Burnout Paradise

Electronic Arts lets you feel the Force Feedback with Burnout Paradise!

News comes while IGN were playing a demo for the upcoming crash-em-up sequel, when the team observed that the SixAxis they were playing on had a sticker labelled ‘Rumble’ on it. Sure enough, the slightly heavier controller shook like a wet dog.

Apparently, said controller looked like a regular SixAxis, and gave similar rumbling to a standard Dual Shock 2. This seems contrary to previous stories that any PS3 rumble pad would have ‘immersive’ rumble, i.e., it would rumble in certain places at various intensities when performing in game actions.

Whether or not it’s the so-called upcoming Dual Shock 3, or just a rigged up SixAxis, is yet to be seen. Nonetheless, expect Sony Computer Entertainment President Kaz Hirai to make an announcement concerning this tomorrow during his Tokyo Games Show keynote.

More on this, and on general TGS goings on, when we get it.

Stay tuned.