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Report: PS Move has sold nine million

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on 24 November 2011

IndustryGamers reports that PlayStation Move has sold nine million units worldwide, putting it within striking distance of Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral. 

Sony’s motion-sensing controller has been selling at a steady pace since its launch in September 2010, while Kinect got off to a flying start with eight million units shifted in just two months. However, sales soon stalled at 10 million back in March.

"The Kinect's weakness has been the sales pattern, where 8 million devices sold in 2 months, and then in the next 10 months only 2 million more devices were sold. This has led to some concerns,” commented IndustryGamers’ Steve Peterson. 

Sony last issued a sales update for PlayStation Move back at E3 in June, where it confirmed the device had moved at approximately 8.8 million.

A number of high-profile games have already made use of the tech, including Killzone 3, PlayStation Move Heroes and Heavy Rain.