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New Eye of Judgment details

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Today Mark Valledor, Marketing Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment America posted some new details on The Eye of Judgment on the company's official PlayStation blog.

First off, to those of you who caught that, Judgment is spelled with only one "E" contrary to proper spelling, this game goes by the official spelling, according to Wikipedia.

All grammar aside, he had much more to tell us than spelling lessons. He stated that the price for Eye of Judgment would be USD 69.99 for the bundle, which includes: The Eye of Judgment software (disc case, manual, Blu-ray disc), PlayStation Eye camera, Judgment (camera) stand, 9 Fields Battle Mat, 1 Started deck, and 1 Booster pack.

The packs are an interesting thing. Starter decks include 30 summoning cards and 4 function cards, and will retail for USD 14.99 individually, and will be available through Wizards of the Coast. Booster packs will also be available, and for USD 3.75 you will get 8 random cards, with a guaranteed Rare or Ultra Rare card. When buying a Starter deck, there will be five pre-constructed decks, each have their own Summoner's Companion book, play tips, and card lists. There are already plans for multiple expansion packs to keep the game fresh, and provide limitless customization of decks.

The game will ship to North America on October 23rd, and the rest of the world before the end of the month. They planned a global release to allow for gamers to play online matches with anyone in the world.

The last few details revealed by Valledor involved online play. To ensure that players do not cheat each other while playing a match, the game will require each player to register his or her deck. To do this, you must save your deck offline, with cards that you physically own, by showing the cards to the camera. To prevent players from registering multiples of cards that they own one of, the game requires that if you want more than one copy of a card in your deck, you must hold the number of copies of that card in the camera's view at one time. Once you have your deck saved offline, you may log in online and use it in any match. To further ensure the opportunity to cheat doesn't present itself, the game will shuffle each players deck and draw their cards for them. This method, if it works properly, sounds like a great way to stop cheaters dead in their tracks.

From the sound of things, the Eye of Judgment is sounding like a great package for the price, with plenty of room for customization and room for expansion. Be sure to check back for all the latest on this title here at PSU.