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TGS 2007: Sony fails to confirm a price cut

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One of the biggest rumours about Sony's keynote speech heading into this year’s Tokyo Game Show was a possible announcement of a price cut for the PlayStation 3. Many gamers and industry analysts believe that a price cut could help the PlayStation 3 this coming holiday season as the console remains the most expensive and the least selling out of the Wii and Xbox 360 (bar Japan, where the 360 lags far behind). However, as the Sony keynote revealed, there won't be any price cut for the time being.

"Price is a very important aspect, but at the same time the urgent matter is to what extent we can further enrich the software titles," said Hirai in regards to price. However, he did hint that there is a “possibility” that a price cut could emerge in the future.

Past history suggests that Sony, as with other companies, will continue to deny any price cuts before springing one on us anyway. Thus, there is still hope for a less expensive PS3 this holiday season.