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Sorcery due out spring 2012

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on 14 December 2011

Sony’s confirmed that PlayStation Move title Sorcery will be unleashed exclusively on PlayStation 3 in spring 2012.

The title was originally announced at E3 2010, though quickly fell off the radar. Fears of the game’s cancellation soon spread across the web, though Sony confirmed last month that it was still in the works.

Sorcery has players stepping into the shoes of a young apprentice who must get to grips with the arcane arts in an effort to save his homeland from the dastardly Nightmare Queen. The game takes much of its influence from Irish mythology and includes 12 upgradable spells and hundreds of potions to tinker with.

Gamers will explore five lush realms, each one packing their own unique foes and to overcome. Sorcery will also offer a unique combo system, allowing players to chain rudimentary spells into powerful combos, as well as freeze and electrocute enemies.

Stay tuned for more news on Sorcery as it breaks.