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Hideo Kojima says gamers 'are happy with what they have'

on 4 January 2012

Legendary developer Hideo Kojima has expressed his concern as to whether or not Japanese game makers are able to compete against the deluge of triple-A titles flooding the market on a yearly basis.

Speaking with OPM, Kojima suggested that punters are satisfied with the influx of first-person shooters doing the rounds lately, and as such believe there is little demand for fresh experiences.

"It's much more competitive now: if you look at triple-A titles on a worldwide scale there's maybe only ten really big games that can get gamers' attention, and I'm not sure how Japan can compete on that level," he commented.

"I think it's more consumer demand - right now, consumers are happy with what they have. First-person shooters sell like crazy, so there's not really a strong demand for anything else, and that's why [original ideas] stop being made."

The Kojima Productions boss added that gamers don’t mind seeing incremental upgrades in their favourite franchises, and while he doesn’t personally have a problem with this, he admitted it would be nice to see something new pop up from time to time.

"People are satisfied with making minor upgrades and tweaking things here and there - as long as that's the landscape, it will keep on happening. I don't see a problem necessarily, but at the same time it is nice to see new things come."

Kojima-san recently teased his next game, codenamed Project Ogre, running on the Fox Engine via a single screenshot. Quite when the game will show up is anyone’s guess, though.