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UMD Passport not coming to North America

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on 7 February 2012

The UMD passport program--used to transfer PSP UMDs to the Vita at a discounted price--will not be making its way to North America, as today confirmed by Sony to Kotaku.

Having been a thing in Japan since the official Vita launch, the UMD passport program allowed Japanese gamers to register their UMDs to their respective PlayStation Network (or Sony Entertainment Network, rather) accounts, which would in turn give the owner of said UMD a discount on the digital version of that same game. 

Admittedly, however, there was never a firm pricing structure for the UMD Passport program meaning that publishers are able to charge however much they want for the digital version of their game. This caused a bunch of pricing discrepancies where there shouldn’t be, so all in all, we’re not sure if this is a feature we’d use too often even if it did come here. It is a shame to see that it won’t even be an option in North America, though.

The Vita will be launching in the west on February 22.