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Mass Effect 3 DLC plans teased by BioWare

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on 17 February 2012

BioWare has revealed its intention to support upcoming sci-fi sequel Mass Effect 3 for ‘quite some time’ following the game’s launch early next month.

Quizzed by CVG on the series’ future now that development on Commander Shepard’s final galactic adventure is complete, producer Casey Hudson offered:

"We are going to be supporting Mass Effect 3 for quite some time, because I think people are going to have a lot of fun with multiplayer, and we'll be supporting that with new content as we go forward.”

"We also have a really good DLC plan, like we had for Mass Effect 2, so there will be new adventures and new things to do. Then, beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see."

As for the future, Mass Effect 3 may be bringing down the curtain on Shepard’s story arc, but there’s still a heap of multimedia goodies in the pipeline to keep fans busy.

"We've got an ongoing relationship with Dark Horse [for comics], and we've got some stuff coming out of that. We've got the feature-film in the works. We've also got an anime movie that's coming out - it's getting pretty close to being done, and it's looking fantastic,” teased Hudson.

"All these things tell different facets of the overall storyline, but it's still ultimately the full story of the trilogy. So when fans check out a novel, a comic-book or a movie, they're seeing parts of the same story that really flesh out the details we can't otherwise show you in the game."

Mass Effect 3 will be storming shelves in the U.S. on March 6, and arrives in Europe on March 9.