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EA hopes to thrash PES with FIFA

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EA revealed to the UK trade magazine MCV that they are feeling confident about the war between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. EA is currently working on FIFA 08 whilst Konami is expected to be developing PES7 (or Winning Eleven: PES 2008 outside Europe), although nothing official has been announced.

EA Marketing Manager Dan Holman told MCV: “I'm happy to say that we're comfortably on top in the whole FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer battle, our market share has kept on increasing over the past three years, and more and more core gamers are being converted to FIFA all the time.”

He then went on to say; “ We've sold 1.7 million copies of the last FIFA and Pro Evo is lagging behind on just over a million, with the new platforms in place, we're confident that we will attract even more football fans to FIFA - both existing gamers and the wider, non-gaming football community.”

Expect more details on both these titles soon.