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Hirai talks Blu-ray, PSN download service and more

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In a recent interview, Kazuo Hirai, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, discussed his feelings on the PlayStation 3’s current situation of using Blu-ray and the future of the PlayStation Network download service.

"In our eyes, we wanted to provide developers with the absolute biggest canvas on which to create their games. We could have gone with the 9 GBs of DVD or the 30 GBs of data on an HD DVD, but why would we, when we had 50 GBs of data on the Blu-ray Disc?” stated Hirai.

“I think its success as a delivery vehicle for games has already been proven. As for movies, I think it (is) really hard for any studio or retailer to ignore the fact that there are already millions of Blu-ray players in the world in the form of PS3. That is the kind of installed base DVD only dreamed of when it launched and before we debuted PlayStation 2.”

When asked about movie downloading options and how they plan to take on the Xbox 360, Hirai responded;

"Increasingly, consumers are looking for new ways to access and enjoy entertainment. Downloading content from the comfort of your living room is now a true, viable option. PS3 already offers downloadable games and gaming content. We are now reviewing options for other content to be delivered through PlayStation Network, including music, movies, and TV, all of which can be found in the Sony family of companies."

Apparently Sony is still feeling good about their choice to include Blu-ray in the PlayStation 3. Also with a new cheaper 40GB PS3 model and improved PSN service on the way, the PS3 is looking more appetizing by the moment.

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