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PSP Slim and Lite continues dominance in Japan

on 5 October 2007

Weekly sales of Sony’s PlayStation Portable in Japan have continued to maintain a hold over competing consoles for the period September 24 - 30, despite an overall drop in 175,000 units sold from the previous week.

As previously documented, sales of the handheld skyrocketed on the strength of the new Slim and Lite model, which launched September 20. Numbers were also boosted by the aid of a special limited edition version marking the release the PSP-exclusive, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which launched a week earlier.

Sony announced Thursday that overall sales of the unit in the region have now surpassed the 580,000 mark in the two weeks since its release, beating out sales of the original model over a similar fortnightly period in December 2004.

Elsewhere, PlayStation 3 managed to outsell its predecessor by a small margin, while Microsoft’s Xbox 360 breached the 5,000 sales mark thanks to the release of Halo 3.

PSP - 102,809
Nintendo DS Lite - 72,895
Wii - 24,143 
PlayStation 3 - 13,105
PlayStation 2 - 12,980
Xbox 360 - 5,215
Game Boy micro - 229
GameCube - 73
GBA SP - 49
GBA – 41
DS – 30