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Lipinski Sound to exclusively support Blu-ray

Lipinski Sound Corporation, an audiophile-oriented manufacturer based in New York City with offices also in Warsaw, Poland, revealed that they will exclusively support Blu-ray with a surfeit of their home theater equipment. To start it all of, Lipinski is going to show off their main turn-key HD Surround Sound solution by using the Sony BDP-S2000ES Blu-ray player. The system is expected to exceed the audio quality that is currently out on the market.

"The audio industry is emerging from its trough. The adoption of high-resolution video demands audio production follow. With the rise of HDTV and Blu-ray, customers are demanding higher quality in audio," said Lukas Lipinski, CEO of Lipinski Sound Corporation.

What this means for Blu-ray is more than simply having a retailer/movie studio support the format exclusively. It is being recognized by various manufacturers outside of the conventional movie industry. The sound and audio industry is beginning to cluster around Blu-ray products and now owners of a BD player can expect a variety of enhanced experiences..

To learn more about Lipinski Sound Corporation and its products, visit their website.

Source: Blu-ray.com