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60GB PS3 to be phased out in Europe

on 8 October 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed that the 60GB PlayStation 3 will be phased out in European territories once stock at retail has been depleted.

The announcement comes following Friday’s news of a new 40GB entry model, where the firm also confirmed a price cut for the 60GB model to GBP 349.

However, the company has since revealed it plans to offer consumers only the 40GB model as soon as the 60GB Starter Pack has sold out.

"The 60GB Starter pack will remain on sale until stocks run out (a number of months, depending on territory)," commented Nick Sharples, Director of Corporate Communications for SCEE.

"Thereafter, the 40GB model will be the only SKU in the SCEE region”, he added.

These plans echo similar efforts employed by Sony in North America, where the company recently discontinued the 60GB PS3 in the region following the arrival of a new 80GB model in August.

Stay tuned for more developments on Sony’s regional plans for PS3 as they break.