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Manchester Cathedral objects to Resistance BAFTA

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Earlier in the year, the Church of England created outrage in response to the depiction of Manchester Cathedral in the Insomniac Games title, Resistance: Fall of Man.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive Resistance was nominated for a BAFTA’s Gamers’ Award, arousing controversy once more, with The Dean of Manchester Cathedral, the Very Rev Rogers, wishing for BAFTA to remove the nomination immediately.

According to Rogers, Sony is moving too slowly to take action, and fears that other establishments may be under similar threat:

"There was disgust at the virtual desecration of Manchester Cathedral. We asked Sony to sign up to some digital guidelines, asking them to respect our sacred places of prayer ... Sony's response was very limited and other churches, cathedrals and historic buildings may be at risk of exploitation.” said Very Rev Rogers Govender.

"I plead with BAFTA to send a signal to the industry and to Sony and withdraw Resistance: Fall of Man from the nominations".

In June, Sony issued a formal apology for using the likeness of the cathedral without obtaining permission from the church.

The BAFTA Videogame Awards will take place October 23.