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Netflix creates Super-PAC to promote SOPA-like causes

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on 9 April 2012

The largest online-streaming corporation Netflix created a committee to support SOPA-like causes.

Netflix has graced the PlayStation 3 since 2009, and Netflix has gone through a few ups and downs since, such as the price increase and the attempted splitting of services last year. Now, Netflix has sided with anti-piracy legislation and has created a special committee called FLIXPAC to support SOPA-like legislation. 

During the last few waves of anti-piracy legislation, Netflix had put itself in support of the SOPA and PIPA propositions, but it backed out of support late in the campaign due to a massive public backlash of the appeals. Now that Netflix issued its support, it allows Netflix to fund and grant support for more appeals that fight against online piracy. This means that the newly-founded FLIXPAC could help bring proposed acts like the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) into fruitiion, since Netflix is such a major contributor to onling streaming.

Netflix is a very popular entertainment medium, and the clout that is has over many industries is very influencial. Without a doubt, the fight for anti-piracy is here for the long haul.