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No online co-op for Kane & Lynch

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Today in gaming multiplayer is becoming more and more popular among casual and hardcore gamers alike.

With the success of many titles that features in-depth online multiplayer, it is almost becoming a trend for many developers to implement some sort of online capacity within their games. However for Kane & Lynch, the focus is something entirely different.

"It's quite important in the single player and co-op that we're portraying characters and we're also portraying scenarios. It would have been nice to come up with something completely new. There are things with Lynch's Psycho mode, which work out differently in co-op, the healing method and things like that, but it is a more traditional approach. We feel that's what players want. Co-op is about good times,” says Jens Peter Kurup of IO Interactive.

"It's a matter of focus, choosing what you want to deliver at what time. We looked at it and decided it was too much of a risk to change our code to be very very good at that, and we're not going to be very very good at other elements. I'll miss the online co-op, but not terribly."

So there you have it; Kane & Lynch will not feature any type of online co-op. However, that should not deter anyone from purchasing the title, as it is expected to be one of the most significant PS3 releases thus far.

Check back with PSU as we bring you more on Kane & Lynch as soon it becomes available.