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LA Noire requires Blu-ray?

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Rockstar Games has quite a few titles due out over the next year. Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles will attempt to rival games such as Project Gotham 4 and Gran Turismo 5 in early 2008. Grand Theft Auto IV, which needs no introduction, will be an early contender for 2008 game of the year. Before both of those games, the ever controversial Manhunt 2 will be released on the Wii, PS2 and PSP platforms. However one of the less talked about Rockstar titles, LA Noire, is shaping up to be a huge PlayStation 3 game, with much emphasis on “huge”.

Recently, through various sources, was lead to a blog detailing new and unknown information about the title which is slated to release sometime in 2009. The blog features interesting information but the one that stood out the most revealed that the Xbox 360's DVD9 support is insufficient to handle what Rockstar wants to do with LA Noire. Here is the new information revealed:

• The game will be a free-roaming title with a historically-accurate recreation of Los Angeles in 1947.
• Team Bondi has even hired a costume designer to research the clothing of the era so the game's attire can be accurate.
• Aside from main story, side missions will be based on actual cases pulled straight of the newspapers of 1947.
• A US Marine plays a big role in the story.
• Not so exclusive...but LA Noire definitely ain't coming to Xbox 360, the size of the game is an obstacle to this.

So as you may see, Rockstar and Team Bondi (Developer of LA Noire) currently believe that with the Blu-ray format, only the PlayStation 3 is capable of having this game.

LA Noire is a detective game based in a realistic 1947 Los Angelas where players must master the art of puzzle solving as they are thrown into various engagements around the LA area within to game. Set to release in 2009, LA Noire is sure to give gamers who unique gameplay experience. Check back with PSU as we will continue our coverage of LA Noire and all of the other great Rockstar Games titles set to come in the future.

Interestly, whilst the news may make LA Noire a PS3 exclusive, Sony announced some time ago that Rockstar was working on a completely separate, currently undisclosed, PS3 exclusive title.