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Resistance: Burning Skies multiplayer detailed

on 12 April 2012

Nihilistic Software revealed today that Resistance: Burning Skies will features 8-player multiplayer, including 2-v-2 combat, and larger games up to 4-v-4. You’ll have the opportunity to play a Quick Match or use Vita’s cross-game Party application and play with friends or join a private match. You can, of course, take advantage of Party’s voice chat feature, too.

Use the dual analog sticks for precision aiming, touch screen interactivity for quick secondary weapon fires, and portable online connectivity via the PS Vita. As you play online, killing enemies and winning matches will net you XP and allow you to Rank up. You’ll get more points for daring feats like killing multiple enemies with a single grenade. Use these points to unlock weapons and upgrades from the story campaign. You can modify and customize your weapons online, too.

Resistance: Burning Skies will feature online play on both Wi-Fi and 3G connections, and you’ll find a host of social features like leadersboards. NEAR will provide special perks, and we can expect to learn more about that closer to the game’s launch on May 29.

Online modes will include deathmatch, team deathmatch, and a mode that will be revealed next week. Look for six playable maps ranging from the streets of Staten Island to the docks of Bayonne, NJ.