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Crash Time 4: The Syndicate dated

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on 13 April 2012

Dtp entertainment has announced that Crash Time 4: The Syndicate will be swerving into shops on April 27, 2012 for PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360 and 3DS platforms.

The adrenaline-fuelled racer features a story mode that sees players following a pair of detectives tasked with tracking down a ruthless crime syndicate. Here, you’ll explore an open-world city set across five unique scenarios – Highway, Harbour, Forest, Valleys and Police training facility.

Elsewhere, the game’s multiplayer component offers action-packed races for up to eight players, with head-to-head battles available online or split-screen. Players can burn rubber in over 40 different vehicles, all of which are fully customisable and destructible.

Check out a couple of screens below.