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New Sound Shapes preview features Deadmaus5

on 16 April 2012

In the latest video from the fellows at PlayStation Blog, Sound Shapes Producer Jason deGroot previews his music-manipulating platormer.

Sound Shapes takes musical beats and transitions them into a rendition of a platorming game, and Jason plays out a level featuring a custom track crafted by highly-acclaimed Deadmau5. The Blog also reports that Sound Shapes will have a few levels dedicated to Deadmau5's material.

Though only Deadmau5 and PixelJam have contributed to the creation of Sound Shapes, deGroot hints at a vast variety of sounds and shapes, legitimately, throughout the completed game. He said, "Each world is a different experience from the last in terms of art, music, and gameplay. It’s like putting on a Daft Punk record and then putting on a Black Sabbath record. They’re very different vibes.”

The gameplay featured in this preview really shows off an almost retro experience with a modern-embedded musical style, and these two seemingly polar areas flow extremely well together. Don't simply take my word for it, though, since the video shows a potentially great portable experience. Enjoy!


Via PlayStation Blog

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