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Media Molecule releases LittleBigPlanet 2 update 1.12

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on 16 April 2012

Media Molecule has updated the sequel to its hit platormer LittleBigPlanet 2 with some changes to both the menu and finding games.

The first change is to the Dive-In feature, which is now located at the top of the Community menu. It's now designed to make finding other players much easier throughout the online experience.

Next is a feedback change MM is calling Boo-Be-Gone, which is the official removal of user's ability to rate levels with "boo's." The company stated that it "found that the Boo ratings were disheartening at best, and could be used to cause grief amongst the community." MM also added that users can still place grievances by reporting directly to the company through the normal means.

The final change is the ability for level creators to disable user ability to comment on their levels. Levels that utilize this feature do not lose past reviews or ratings, and all ratings will return when the feature is toggled back on.