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Dragon's Crown now published by Atlus

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on 19 April 2012

The role-playing game announced at E3 from Vanillaware is now being published by Atlus, according to the PlayStation Blog.

Atlus has a strong history of titles, including the Persona games. Among this news is a statement about the previously released price point of $29.99. "It’s still way too early in development to be talking about specifics, but we can say that the game simply cannot retail for $29.99. We don’t know where that price point came from, but it is a logistical impossibility. We’re all gamers and we all wished it could be so, but it would have essentially destroyed any chance for profitability."

Atlus plans on releasing more information on the game in the coming months, and Dragon's Crown is still coming to the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita in 2013.

Via PS Blog