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Bethesda details Dishonored story

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on 26 April 2012

Bethesda and Arkane Studios, in collaboration, released some juicy information as to how Corvo, Dishonored's main character, came to be and what is to be expected from this upcoming game.

As it was shown in the debut trailer, the story began with a man named Corvo who was left to rot in a dungeon. He was rescued by a shadowy man, and given a "gift" in the form of a burned-in mark on his left hand. Bethesda said today that Corvo was convicted wrongly of killing the Empress of Dunwall, and the shadowy man who etched the symbol into Corvo's hand is called the Outsider, who is an amoral diety. The "gift," as we soon found on in the trailer, is an assortment of supernatural abilities which allow him to summon certain creatures, manipulate the flow of time, and even teleportation.

Bethesda also detailed that the story, much like many similar games, allows for the player to either be malicious and evil, or merciful and good. Sid Shuman from the PlayStation Blog is quoted saying, " But whichever way you play will be the 'right' way to play — Arkane’s goal is to put players in full control of the game’s pacing."

Personally, I've heard many games appeal to such a diversity in plot lines, but this reveal looks to be quite promising in actually dividing the good and evil storylines. What do you guys think of this new IP? It takes a lot of high points from a lot of high-class games. Do you think that all of the best parts from Bioshock, Deux Ex, and Assassin's Creed could all work well together in one game?


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