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Zwei director Shinji Mikami confident in graphical direction

on 26 April 2012

Project Zwei director Shinji Mikami has expressed to Andriasang.com his strong confidence in the graphical prowess in store for his pending survival horror IP.

Mikami was quoted saying, "At present, we've at last cleared the initial phase. Regarding art creation, we're already getting a very good atmosphere. We're extremely confident about the graphics this time. Of course, we can't recreate the same quality as shown in these image boards, but we can deliver game screens with atmosphere that is close to this. There are still mountains of inadequate areas, though, so we'll have to work with the designers on brushing these up."

This project and what Mikami is planning on make sounds like the best news that the survival horror community could have. Though we've received Silent Hill: Downpour recently, it's rather exciting to have a new survival horror IP in our midst.

We'll keep you informed as more information on Project Zwei arises.

Via andriasang.com