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SN-DBS tools now free for developers

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Ever since before the release of the PlayStation 2, many companies have made it known that developing for Sony platforms has been a bit on the difficult side.

Indeed, with the PlayStation 2, there was a steep learning curve that developers had to overcome, thus leading to the most successful gaming console ever.

Similarly with its successor, PlayStation 3, developers announce on many occasion how difficult it is to work on the platform, thus resulting in many delays and project cancellations. To overcome this, however, Sony has made a few moves to insure that developers no longer have to feel as if they are going through an obstacle course to get a project complete.

SN Systems, a developing tool available for all licensed companies, can now be acquired free of charge for all developers. The main focus of this news, however, is the announcement of the SN-DBS 2.0; this latest version is now able to reduce the compile times by distributing source code builds between cooperating PCs over a network.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that it is able to build assets via command line. Additional improvements allow building of multiple projects in parallel, faster builds, an improved GUI with project view and finally improved support for asset builds.

This is positive news for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable platforms, as the developing process just got easier and more assessable. With the free access and newer version, developers should feel more open to develop their projects onto the PS3 and PSP without any complications.

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