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Rune Factory Oceans release date announced

on 4 May 2012

Rune Factory Oceans will be released on PlayStation 3 on May 25, publisher Rising Star Games has revealed.

The farming RPG, developed by Neverland and Marvelous Entertainment, builds on the success of the Nintendo DS series, offering a sprawling ocean to explore, new worlds to traverse and massive enemies to battle.

Rune Factor Oceans focuses on lifelong chums Aden and Sonja, who find their peaceful lives rocked by the appearance of a devastating curse. Transported to a strange Island, the pair finds that both of their souls have become trapped in the same body, and must journey the perilous seas to find the key to escaping the curse that has befallen them.

“Marvelous Entertainment has created an exceptional gaming experience for both fans of action and adventure, along with fans who love the realism of farming,” commented Rising Star Games' Martin Defries. “We’ve been eagerly anticipating the PS3 release of Rune Factory Oceans for a while now, and we’re positive fans will be just as excited as we are about the release.”