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Sony San Diego explains its exclusive development of MLB The Show

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on 7 May 2012

Sony San Diego told the popular digital gaming magazine GameQ the reason why it exclusively develops the MLB The Show series.

Each version of MLB The Show is a milestone, and each year it gets better. Christian Phillips, senior director of Sony San Diego, told GameQ that the company wishes to "ensure that we never take away from or dilute the excellent experience delivered each year in MLB The Show."

On a personal note, MLB The Show is the reason I even like baseball. The sport itself is huge, especially in America, but the sheer essence of it is put in The Show, and it keeps getting more realistic and that much better each year. It's great to see a game like this run for so long and become more and more popular; in fact, games like Madden could learn a thing or two from this kind of dedicated development.

Via Shack News