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Rumor: Dead Space 3 has drop in/drop out co-op

Industry sources have been whispering in IGN’s ears this week, claiming the upcoming Dead Space 3 is to feature drop in/drop out cooperative play.

According to the site, Isaac Clarke, the world’s unluckiest space engineer, finds himself working with a chap with glowing red eyes, a scar on his face and wearing a suit similar to our hero.

Apparently, the mystery character will serve as Clarke’s guide during the single-player mode, and won’t show up in certain cut-scenes. This will change in co-op however, with the story being tweaked accordingly.

In co-op, gamers will work together to solve various puzzles using Dead Space 3’s new range of telekinesis powers. You’ll also be able to share ammunition and heal each other; however, if one player snuffs it, then you’ll have to reload from a checkpoint.

Dead Space 3 was officially confirmed by publisher Electronic Arts earlier this week during an earnings call. The game will be released no later than March 2013, and is rumored to take place on a frozen planet known as Tau Volantis.

Expect more details at E3 for sure, if not before. Stay tuned.