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Sony suffers big loss in FY2012 financials, PlayStation division down

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on 10 May 2012

Sony has reported a rather large $79.1 billion loss in the company’s fiscal year 2012 earnings, blaming the 2011 Thailand floods for some of its damages.

Year over year, Sony has seen a $2.8 billion (¥229.8 billion) loss this year, contrasting the $135 million profits from last’s. 

The Consumer Products and Services division (which encompasses the PlayStation brand) saw losses across the board with PlayStation 3 hardware sales down by 400,000 units worldwide from the same period last year. A dip in sales of 1.2 and 4.1 million units has also been suffered for the PSP and PS2 platforms respectively.

Vita sales were not disclosed, however, Sony predicted a combined worldwide sales number of 16 million for the Vita and PSP in next year’s results.

Source: Sony