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Rock Band bundled until 2008

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on 15 October 2007

Harmonix teamed up with publisher EA to make perhaps the most ambitious musical outing the gaming world has seen thus far: Rock Band. Now that its PlayStation 3 debut on November 23 is finally within sight, the news is starting to roll in.

Gaming blog bbps recently conducted an interview with a PR rep from Harmonix at the PlayStation Holiday Press Preview Event.

In the interview they discussed PS3 development issues, why Microsoft wanted more money, downloadable content pricing and more, but one piece of news took the rock'n'roll cake - Rock Band will only be available in bundles until early 2008.

That's right, you have to buy the microphone. I know, I myself fear the sound of my own voice (kidding, sort of). There were a few factors that contributed to the decision. The cost of the hardware as well as separate packages for each would have led to fewer units at launch. Additionally, retail outlets didn't want to have to display four full-sized packages in each of their stores.

So for those of you, who just want to play one instrument, prepare to wait a while. Rock Band will be available on November 23 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with the PS2 version arriving on December 10.