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Blu-ray will be global winner, says TDK

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on 15 October 2007

Jean-Paul Eekhout, an executive with Blu-ray Disc Association founder TDK, has declared that the company feels Sony’s Blu-ray technology will be the clear winner in the on-going battle for high definition viewing supremacy.

When asked on whether or not he felt that the HD battle might differ significantly across Europe and North America, Eekhout remained confident that Sony’s format would ultimately come out on top on a global basis.

“TDK strongly believes that there will be one global winner: Blu-ray Disc!” he told website

Similarly, in terms of utilizing Blu-ray as a recordable storage medium, he feels there is no actual “war” between the two competing formats, citing Sony’s technology as superior in every possible way to HD-DVD, including speed, transfer rate and storage capacity.

“In our recording media domain, there isn't much of a war going on”, he added.

“Today HD recording is 100 per cent in the hands of the BD-R/RE products. The format benefits of BD are undisputable indications that BD-R/RE will in fact be the only format that matters for high-definition recording. In our recordable market segment, capacity, data transfer rate and widest format support guarantees the winning position for BD-R/RE.”

TDK is among the most outspoken of Blu-ray supports in the industry, and currently offers a variety of recordable discs, varying between 25 – 50GB storage capacity.